RENEE5STA: THE CAR DEALER CLEARED: Romance Scammer’s Apologies After Arrest Reveals Truth

Suspect Cites Ignorance, Poverty for Defrauding US-based Car Dealer Adesuwa Renne Ogiozee of Reneestar Autos

A young Nigerian man, Mr. Joseph Olawuyi Olaosebika, has been apprehended by the Nigerian police for fraudulently acquiring a vehicle worth over N30 million from Adesuwa Renne Ogiozee, owner of car dealer Reneestar Autos based in the United States, back in 2016.

Olawuyi allegedly swindled $560,000 from his American victim through a romance scam. According to him, the car dealer lodged a complaint against him regarding the purchase of a Mercedes Benz GLE350, valued at over 30 million Naira. In 2016, he instructed his “lover,” who was being deceived out of substantial sums of money, to transfer the funds to the car dealer’s bank account.

Unaware of the fraudulent source of the money, the car dealer accepted the payment and shipped the car to Mr. Joseph in Nigeria.

Eight years later, Mr. Joseph has been arrested following a petition by the car dealer, who has endured significant difficulties due to the incident.

Expressing remorse, Mr. Joseph stated that he never intended to harm the car dealer and apologized for the distress he caused her, pleading for forgiveness. He attributed his criminal actions to ignorance and poverty.

Credit: Facebook | AIT Online

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