4Thislagos Ft. Kuuka - Sip Affection + (EP)

"Different Shoes" is a captivating 6-track EP that showcases 4thislagos' exceptional talent as an A&R and Executive producer. This Afrobeat and Pop-infused project is a testament to his passion for empowering emerging artists and inspiring listeners.

The EP kicks off with "Litty", a high-energy track that sets the tone for the project. "Why" follows a soulful ballad that showcases 4thislagos' ability to craft vibrant and thought-provoking songs.

The third track, "I'm the Sun", is an uplifting anthem that celebrates individuality and self-belief. "You & I" is a heartfelt love song highlighting 4thislagos' versatility as a producer.

The penultimate track, "Sip Affection", is a sultry and intimate song that showcases 4thislagos' ability to create sensual and dynamic music. The final track, "Omo Ologo", is an empowering anthem that encourages listeners to shine bright and believe in themselves.

Throughout the EP, 4thislagos' bold and empowering brand voice shines through, inspiring listeners to embrace their uniqueness and walk confidently in their shoes. With "Different Shoes", 4thislagos has created a masterpiece that will resonate with music lovers and inspire a new generation of artists.




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