JetAge Nation Builders Brings ‘Africa We Want’ Summit to Warri Delta State



The lively city of Warri is gearing up to host the highly anticipated Niger Delta Innovation Summit on May 8, 2024. This pioneering event, an Africa Union Simulation, will revolve around the impactful theme, "Positioning the Niger Delta for the Africa we want."

The summit is designed to spark a surge of innovation, collaboration, and forward thinking among Africa’s dynamic young minds and passionate business enthusiasts. By emphasizing stimulating discussions and harnessing the power of collective creativity, the Niger Delta Innovation Summit is primed to nurture groundbreaking ideas.

We are excited to announce the participation of distinguished leaders and stakeholders from across the African continent. Their valuable insights and unwavering dedication to progress will surely enhance the comprehensive dialogue set to happen at this significant event. Through the gathering in Warri for the Niger Delta Innovation Summit, we are ready to initiate a transformative path that will propel the Niger Delta region into a position of strength and dynamism within the framework of the Africa we collectively aspire to.

For media inquiries and additional information, please contact Solution Media Global at We wholeheartedly extend an invitation to join us at the Niger Delta Innovation Summit, where together, we will lay the groundwork for a future filled with endless prospects and prosperity across Africa.


Amb. Nobomi Tshongweni 
South African Ambassador 
Jet Age Nation Builders Africa Union Simulation.

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