Ackuit - Sequence & Series EP


Ackiut, also known as Joshua Adekunle, is a rising teenage creative talent from Lagos, Nigeria. His journey into music began in Junior Secondary School 2 (JS2), where he playfully experimented with freestyling over tracks from his favorite YouTubers. It wasn't until Senior Secondary School 2 (SS2) that he started taking music seriously, using rap to impress his peers, despite facing initial skepticism and mockery. His breakthrough moment came with an infamous verse titled "grind grind grind," which catapulted him to prominence within his school. During the lockdown, Ackiut underwent a musical transformation, shifting towards the popular Afrobeats genre, influenced by artists like Burna Boy and Wizkid. This evolution culminated in his recognition as the Best Artist in his secondary school set. Collaborating with friends in the group 'Th3 S3gregated,' Ackiut later ventured solo, releasing notable tracks such as "Promo," "Gbemisoke," and the EP "Sequence and Series."

The thematic core of "Sequence and Series" delves into Ackiut's internal struggle, embodied by two contrasting personas – JAO and AR1 F3R. JAO represents conformity to societal norms and relinquishing personal dreams, while AR1 F3R embodies a rebellious pursuit of individual aspirations, regardless of societal expectations. The EP narrates Ackiut's emotional journey, from grappling with suicidal thoughts to finding momentary solace in relationships. His experiences, especially a heartbreak, lead to the adoption of the AR1 F3R persona, symbolizing a commitment to personal growth and a departure from societal norms. In a reflective moment, Ackiut expresses gratitude for the experiences that molded him, bids farewell to his former self, and embarks on a mission to infuse new sounds into his music, challenging existing genre norms. Through this artistic evolution, Ackiut aims to inspire others to break free from societal expectations and embrace their authentic selves.


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