Introducing Doela, The Model Turned Singer


Few people have the talent and desire to dominate many sectors in the wide and dynamic entertainment world. Doela, a rising talent who has seamlessly shifted from a lucrative modeling profession to pursue her passion for music, is one such example. Doela is on a quest to take over the music world with her stunning voice and unmistakable charisma

The entertainment business has seen an increase in multi-talented performers who excel in a variety of creative professions in recent years. These individuals can demonstrate their talent in one domain and captivate audiences in others. Doela is a perfect example of a multi-talented artist who has demonstrated her abilities in both modeling and singing.

Doela's career began on the runway, where she wowed audiences with her beautiful beauty and confident demeanor. But she has always known that her true calling was music, and she has decided to follow her heart. Although she knew with time she would switch and focus on making music, it was still difficult for Doela to leave behind a successful modeling career where she was already building a name for herself, but she knew she had to pursue her passion for music.

Doela, like any other ambitious singer, overcame various obstacles in her quest for a music career. The switch from modeling to singing was not easy, as she had to show herself in a new field. During the build-up to this time, she was met with skepticism and criticism from people who questioned her capacity to flourish in the Nigerian music industry which is still not fair to female artists. But through her determination and support from family and friends, Doela has been able to leave those worries behind and focus more on becoming the next big thing out of Nigeria.

For Doela, her music reflects her experiences, abstract thoughts, and aspirations. Her ability to make evocative music and realistic narration will undoubtedly strike a chord with audiences of all ages. Doela has evolved her unique sound that is both engaging and realistic, drawing inspiration from a wide range of musical styles. Artists such as Beyoncé, Adele, Tiwa Savage, Sade Adu, Simi, and Alicia Keys have influenced her to push the boundaries of her creativity.

Doela's debut project, titled "CURRENCY which is her tagline," is a testament to the growth process that birthed the dream that she is currently chasing. She has gone through the developmental stage studying different sounds to create a project that shows versatility, depth, and high point that breaks the ice for first-time listeners. The EP showcased her powerful vocals and showcased her ability to connect with listeners on an emotional level. The single off the Currency EP “Lagos Boys Are Mad” is the song to watch out for, the infectious song is laced with a heavy melody that will make you give it a second spin.

Doela who was narrating the Lagos chaotic dating pool and cycle of relationship is giving the girls an anthem they can always use when the Lagos Boys strikes. One of the most interesting things about “Lagos Boys Are Mad” is the fact that it contains moments where you can easily enjoy the music and focus less on the title, she has mastered the act of using simple day-to-day words to convey very detailed rendition that gives her artistry credence.

With the release of her debut project “Currency”, all eyes will be on her as she builds up her career, catalog, fan base, and community of music listeners who will end up preaching the gospel of Doela to the world.


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