Photos: Nigerians Smile As Multicultural World Foundation Brings Her Charity To Nigeria


On the 30th day of October, 2023, Nigerians heaved a sigh of relief as Multicultural World Foundation extended

its humanitarian hands to the people of Kaduna State, Nigeria.

The Foundation went round Malalin Gabas area of Kaduna State to meet the needy and share foodstuffs and welfare materials to them. At least 378 families were impacted, with free rice, bread and groceries during the outreach.

Along with its CEO, Queen Amb. Dr. Krystal Chanchangi, a Global Cultural Activist and Humanitarian, the Foundation has stayed focused on empowering underprivileged families and children. This free meal distribution is held on a monthly basis in the Northern and Southern parts of Nigeria e.g Anambra State, Abia State, Kaduna State etc.

Africa Multicultural World Foundation is a partner/branch to America Nation Multicultural World.

The Africa Multicultural World goal is to provide funds for underprivileged families.

"Our main focus is to evaluate the needs of the people and provide meals, groceries and education other empowerment and humanitarian aids within Africa," Dr. Krystal Chanchangi said during the outreach.

Dr. Krystal Chanchangi is also the founder of KIDS



The Kids Multicultural World is a cultural activism, fashion, modeling and acting Academy focused on uniting a diverse nation of kids from across the world, teaching them about culture, global traditions and languages. The kids are usually between the ages of 0 month and 17 years.

The organisation which is not-for-profit, produces a bi-monthly magazine. It also has online modeling and acting classes. The organization hosts annual Kids Multicultural Fashion Shows and Festivals Worldwide, educating kids to take pride in cultural heritage.

Via this programme, the Foundation has helped bring more awareness to multi-culturalism to end discrimination, bullying and segregation. It has achieved these feats by helping to understand the importance of self-growth, building skills and helping people capitalize on their individual personal talents.

Dr. Krystal Chanchangi currently serves as a Global Cultural activist. In May 2023, she was appointed the Senior Special Advisor on youths and diaspora affairs in Police Community Committee on Relations.

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