Fast-rising Rapper & Producer JayPoppin introduces us to his world of distinctive sounds


Fast - rising Rapper & Producer JayPoppin introduces us to his world of distinctive sounds.

JayPoppin is an emerging music sensation renowned for his unique style, captivating vocals, and outstanding production abilities. With a growing fan base and a passion for creating music that resonates, Samuel Paul better known by his stage name JayPoppin, is a rapper, producer and sound engineer from Lagos, Nigeria. Poppin is set to make a significant impact on the music industry.


JayPoppin, the rising star in the music industry, is excited to announce the release of his latest hit single, "The Chase." The track is set to be available on all major music streaming platforms.

"The Chase" takes listeners on an enthralling musical journey that showcases Poppin’s undeniable charisma and determination to pursue the good life he deserves. The song encapsulates the artist's compelling story of attracting the attention of beautiful women and living life to the fullest, all while exuding unmatched swag in the way he dresses and moves.

The artist's unique lyrical prowess draws parallels between his swag and the soaring brilliance of SpaceX's Starlink Satellite, as if his confidence and charm are reaching unprecedented heights. With self-produced, mixed, and mastered beats, JayPoppin exhibits not only his impressive vocal abilities but also his outstanding production skills.

In "The Chase" JayPoppin shares experiences of indulging in the luxuries he has worked tirelessly for, such as splurging on trendy attire, cruising in lavish new cars, and finding a captivating and like-minded girlfriend who shares his passion for life. 

The accompanying music video was shot in Lagos, filmed by the talented MLS. 

The video visually elevates the essence of the song, presenting a captivating and dynamic experience that complements the track's energy and flair.

JayPoppin invites music enthusiasts worldwide to embark on this sonic adventure with him as "The Chase" promises to be a chart-topping sensation that resonates with fans from all walks of life. Be sure to catch "The Chase" on all major music streaming platforms and don't forget to watch the stunning music video on Youtube:



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