Dimzy - OG Vibes Vol. 1 EP


DIMZY RAPHAEL is an alternative artist from the eastern part of Nigeria who blends hip hop and afrobeats in an indigenous and stylish form. His sound brings in a perfect vibe regardless of your music taste and justification. Truth is, your guy never disappoints and he brings every energy to life on any track you find him in.

Every word, instrument and rhythm came from the depth of my soul. As a youngin struggling, my mind is clouded with so many thoughts that I’m still finding a way to interpret it to myself. Imagine not knowing how to really express your state of mind, imagine listening to “OG VIBES” and forgetting all your worries at the same time. 
“OG VIBES” is an honest expression. I’m a 5tunna, I relax and meditate. I created this piece for everyone who understands the exact situation I’m trying to address.

Life is for the living and the dead understands. It’s a world of no remorse because nothing is assured. I knew KENA was the perfect fit starting from the first time I recorded in his home studio and I watched him do a freestyle.

In a world of unexplainable situations, challenges, and problems ; I tend to man up and understand that’s how it goes cos even when I’ll make an effort to explain, no one will understand how it all makes me feel exactly. I keep certain situations to myself, I zip it.

I was in a mood, I poured out my intentions, wants, cravings and I wanted it in a very moderate way, my own way. This sound came from the heaviest part of my heart. It’s the last song I made to complete this catalogue as well

BOTHER ME (4 :20)
A world filled with so much joy, happiness, less worries, good minds, good people doing what is actually right; “burning herbs” has actually made me think a world like that exists. Am I in that world? Maybe

This is cry, this is a routine, this is how I’m keeping up steady as at the time this project was arranged. Here I’m stating my situation, I’m feeling sorry if I’m sinning, I’m showing Gratitude as well; I just want to keep the hustle bottom on.

I’m a believer, I believe that God is always in control. I’ll accept my fate in whatever situation I find myself in even though I might act otherwise because I’m only human. 
Things and things is a good vibe.

Listen, Download and Enjoy Below:

1. DOWNLOAD MP3: Dimzy Ft. Kena – Para Para

2. DOWNLOAD MP3: Dimzy – Lock Up

3. DOWNLOAD MP3: Dimzy – Get High

4. DOWNLOAD MP3: Dimzy – BOTHER Me (4:20)

5. DOWNLOAD MP3: Dimzy – Late Nights & Highness

6. DOWNLOAD MP3: Dimzy – Things & Things


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