A Sierra Leonean Diplomat In Kenya Turned Home Into Brothel


CBK Apartments Tenants Complain About “Untouchable” Sierra Leone National Who Has Turned Home Into Brothel

Abdul Kargbo

A Sierra Leone national living in Central Bank Apartments along State House Road has rattled other tenants with his nasty behavior.

The D-16 tenant identified as Abdul Kargbo has apparently been keeping others up with his indecent, half dressed women. According to a resident who spoke to Kahawa Tungu on condition of anonymity, Abdul who also works with the Sierra Leone embassy brings women over to his apartment for parties till late in the night.

Other tenants say that the foreigner has turned his house into a brothel and when threatened with action he pulls the Diplomatic Immunity card.

Kahawa Tungu learnt that he lures young women into his home with sex toys and all sorts of drugs.

The late night parties end with him kicking the scantily dressed women out, most of whom black out at the neighbours doorsteps.

“Some women go throwing up on our stair cases, some black out on our doors and we are forced to help some with decent clothing and water or even take them to hospital for intoxication or offer them a place to sleep, since its late in the night,” our source said.

On February 23, 2019 he had women over for a sex orgy, our source intimated. So loud were the women that the neighbours could hardly sleep.

Most of them are worried for their children who catch the goings on from the comfort of their balconies.

“…we have young ones and teenagers. Some of these “guests” walk in almost naked and from the balcony we see them smoking all sorts of drugs and indulging in sexual activities, with some screaming on top of their voices while having sex, or sometimes fighting.

Some of us who have little children and we hardly sleep at night because of the sex noise and fights they engage in. With some screaming on top their lungs while being chased out of the house and demanding for payments,” the source continued.

The tenants now want the authorities to get involved and rid them of the menace that is Mr Adbul.

“We are tired residents and besides he is abusing our young girls. Abdul has no morals and he has no regards for our Kenyan girls.

All we are asking is that Either he moves out and takes his ill manners elsewhere, or he behaves well like any other resident by respecting everyone including the askaris at the gate.”

Written by Eva Nyambura

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