Spills Rises With New Single, Goals To Drill Music Demand In Nigeria


Spills, whose full name is Akin Kingsley Gabriel, is a young and thriving singer, songwriter, and performer who possesses the luxury of talent to cater to the special craving for drill music in Nigeria in 2023.

It's fascinating to learn that the appetite for good music in Nigeria is growing daily because its creators have proven themselves time and again. This has the potential to defy the fundamental principle of supply and demand because avid listeners are willing to pay whatever it takes to consume high-quality sound. It is also esteemed knowledge to realize that this hunger is not limited to Afrobeats alone; people are going crazy for other genres, including trap, EDM, and drill, in Nigeria.


2023 came with the usual surge of anticipation for what is to come from artists who made quite a mark the previous year as well as emerging artists who would carve even deeper imprints in the game. There we have Spills, whose full name is Akin Kingsley Gabriel, a young and thriving singer, songwriter, and performer who alone is rising to the peculiar demand for drill music in Nigeria in 2023. By evidence of lifestyle, experience, and flexibility with former tracks, Spills possesses the luxury of talent to cater to this special craving for drill music.


He also goes by the self-appellation "Badderman Flow." Spills grew up in one of the popular suburbs of Lagos, where dreams bloom and gloom at the same time, depending on the choice made by the dreamer. For the "Goals" singer, he has seen it all and chosen the brighter side of watering his dreams through his creativity hence the lyrics:


Talk to God in my sleep pray he don’t wake me up

From these dreams I’ve been winning

All these dreams I keep seeing

When you wake up then that sh**t turn reality

Old takers in the trenches steady having kids….


For everyone who already knows and is willing to, Spills has done beyond the groundwork in creating a solid fusion of Afro with trap and drill on tracks like "Save My Soul," "Fast Car," "Far Away," "SOS—Step on Shit," and the widely embraced tune titled "No Drama."


This makes us arrive at his intention on this new track, "Goals," in which he dedicates to the newly arising urge for pure drill music, especially amongst the Nigerian Generation Z, who do not want to teleport to the United States or the UK before reaching their thirst.





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Twitter: @baddermanflow

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YouTube: @baddermanflow


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