AUDIO + VIDEO: Omolabake Olaoye - Faithful to Deliver


UK-Based Nigerian Gospel music minister, Omolabake Olaoye drops her latest single titled “Faithful to Deliver”.
“Faithful to Deliver” was birthed during the time when the challenges of life came and it looked impossible to overcome but God’s faithfulness to deliver made the situation surmountable. It reaffirms the faithfulness of God to deliver in all situations when believe and fully trust in him.
About Omolabake:
Omolabake Olaoye, a lover of God who is passionate about his people and the kingdom. She is a founder of Eclat Group, a Consultant. business Analyst/Trainer and a Transformation Coach. She has dedicated her life to growing people both on career and the things of God. She is passionate about singing and letting her voice be God’s instrument to the nations



Lyrics: Faithful to Deliver – Omolabake Olaoye
Jehovah faithful are you lord
You are glorious you are wonderful
Faithful are you Lord
Glorious is your name
Jehovah glorious is your name
You are glorious you are wonderful
Glorious is your name
You are glorious
In all your ways oh Lord
You are wonderful
All of my days oh Lord
I see your glory
I’ve seen your power
I’ve seen your grace Lord
You’ve been so good
Have seen your glory
Have seen your power
Have seen your grace Lord
All of my day
You are faithful to deliver
Might as ever to save
You are glorious
You are wonderful
Might is your name
For your glorious
In all your ways
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Twitter: @labossh
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