Kogi: The EFCC Should Let The Good Name They’ve Earned To Continue To Tower High And Resist To Be Used For Despotism


Following the recent face-off between the Economic financial crimes commission (EFCC) and the Kogi state government over an alleged N20 billion Kogi State Salary bail-out account at Sterling Bank, The parties reacted and accused the EFCC of chasing an unverified case that may have been orchestrated by politicians within and outside the ruling party.
On Wednesday MR Ralph Okey Nwosu the National Chairman of the African Democratic Congress, ADC, urgently seek the attention of President Buhari to urgently call the leadership of the anti-graft agency to order at a press conference held at the Ikolo Awka residence in, Anambra State.
Nwosu stressed that all government agencies and EFCC Should focus on their jobs and refrain from politicians; extricate themselves from political vendetta and begin to function as preventive organizations.
Nwosu said in this conference that any Matter involving a commercial bank and a state government can be properly investigated without placing such false allegations publicly. If not that they responded appropriately to the lies peddled by the EFCC the government of Kogi state will have been rubbished which I believe might be  the intention of those who may have orchestrated that phantom lie
He said For the records “I have never met Governor Bello of Kogi state. As a human being,” he may have his challenges considering the difficult Nigeria political terrain. But he has shown a capacity for inclusion and the recent world reports on his inclusive leadership and the boldness and transparency with which the state has confronted the recent EFCC perfidy should endear him to good men and women in APC.
Brinkmanship is destructive of government establishments and institutions. A stitch in time saves nine. Mr. President and the Presidency should be concerned with the history Buhari leaves as he finishes his tenure.
This is not a partisan address, we stand for National and democratic ethos. And I call on all public officers to let Nigeria be the great country we are meant to be.

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