How to Sell Your Gift Cards for Cash in Nigeria


Best Sites to Directly Trade Gift cards for Naira

Do you have Gift Cards for sale, and you're wondering where you can trade? Search no more; on this page, we'll intimate you with how to trade gift cards for the best possible rates. Hence, either you got the card as a gift, or you are looking to make a business out of trading gift cards, you are on the right page.

There are different ways you can sell your gift cards for money instantly. Of course, you can always trade your gift card for Naira in person or online. Whichever way, when you do it right, you get a high payout.


How to Sell Your Gift Cards in Person

There are lots of scams online, so it's possible that you are scared. If you want to play it safe, you can decide to sell your gift card in person. Now, this is unconventional but not impossible; most Nigerian gift card traders sell online. Also, in-person sales are inefficient, as you'll have to meet with the buyer outside your home. Remember, the buyer also has to agree to such a trade.

There are several ways you can find someone to sell to in person;

Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Twitter, the microblogging platform, makes it very easy to connect with people within or without your city. For example, you can easily find someone interested in buying your gift card. You can negotiate with such buyers, and if they agree to in-person trade, you can meet up. However, trading this way is subject to if you and the buyer are in the same location.


It’s safe to say that there is a Nairaland thread for everything in Nigeria. Luckily, you can find someone in your city willing to meet up for trade on threads dedicated to gift cards.

Trading in person is possible; however, not common. It'll be hard to find a buyer, as most traders live with the risk of conducting their business online.


How to Sell Your Gift Cards Online

Trading in-person has the main advantage of safety. However, you can also safely trade gift cards online in Nigeria. You'll trade at the best rates while not spending extra effort or cash to meet your buyer. Here are ways and platforms you can trade online.


You can easily trade gift cards with other persons you find on Twitter or Facebook. You can also get connected to buyers if you have friends that trade gift cards. However, you must know that this isn’t safe. There are several scammers online; hence, you must beware of who you are dealing with.

Also, you probably won’t get to sell your gift card for Naira at the best rate on WhatsApp. The buyer will also be trying to maximize profit. Hence, it may be difficult to come to a compromise rate that’ll pay you.

Best Sites to Directly Trade Gift cards for Naira

Trading your Gift Cards on Gift Cards Hub

Gift Cards Hub is an online Gift cards exchange in Nigeria. As a trading platform, they buy and sell gift cards to customers. Gift cards hub offers a platform with the primary aim of helping customers maximize each trade.

Gift Card Hub offers amazing high payouts when you redeem gift cards to cash. Also, you can be sure that the transaction and your details are secure. With the security infrastructure for Gift Cards Hub’s platform, you can be sure that your account details won’t be compromised.

You'll need to input your account details on Gift Cards Hub when you sell gift cards so that they can deposit your money into your account. While being one of the best Gift Card Trading apps with the highest rate, they also pay fast.

Gift Cards Hub also features an impressive and intuitive website where you can sell your gift cards instantly. You don’t have to be a guru to figure out the website.

Once you create an account on Gift Cards Hub, you are set to go to redeem your gift cards for cash. With few clicks of the button, you’ll get to trade your gift card for money instantly.



Trading your gift cards for cash doesn't have to be a hassle. Obviously, of the various processes mentioned in this post, the best platform to sell gift cards for cash is Gift Cards Hub. On the platform, you'll get both the best rates, fast payments and without the risk of being scammed. So why don't you get started with using Gift Card Hub now!

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