Trump Protects Famous Locks From Rainy Florida Weather Only To Ignore Wife & Son

President Donald Trump along with wife Melania and son Barron boarded Air Force One amid rainy Florida weather on Martin Luther King Jr day.

Photos show President 45 holding a large black umbrella close to his head - perhaps in an effort to keep his famous hair from being pelted by rain drops.

But wife Melania, 47, and Barron, 11, were left to the mercy of the elements as they boarded the plane at Palm Beach International Airport in West Palm Beach.

It is not clear whether Trump, 71, at any point offered space under his large umbrella to his wife or

One photo even shows the ever-careful Trump closing his umbrella from inside the plane - ensuring that at no point he would be struck by the water.

The First Family is traveling back to Washington D.C. after a long holiday weekend spent at Mar-a-Lago.

Meanwhile, protesters lined up near the resort to protest against Trump. The most recent reason for protest is Trump's disparaging comments about Haiti and African nations.

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