Woman destroys paintings worth $1m on first date with prominent lawyer

 A 29-year-old woman on a first date with a prominent Houston lawyer is accused of causing damage to two works of art by Andy Warhol valued at $500,000 each.

Lindy Lou Layman "intentionally and knowingly" damaged multiple pieces of artwork belonging to Anthony Buzbee on Dec. 23, according to Harris County court documents.

Layman destroyed three original paintings and two abstract sculptures, according to Texas authorities. She tore the paintings off the wall and poured liquid on them, and threw the sculptures across a room in Buzbee's hom;/e, the court documents reveal.

Two of the paintings were original Warhol works with a total value of $1 million, according to KHOU.

Buzbee, who has represented former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, told authorities that Layman was drunk and called an Uber for her at his residence, according to the station. Layman would not leave and hid from Buzbee, according to KHOU. Later, when he tried calling a second Uber, she cursed at him and did the damage to the artwork, KHOU reported.

The sculptures damaged at the home were worth $20,000 each, according to KHOU.

Prosecutors said it had been their first date, according to the station. Layman, a Dallas resident and freelance court reporter, was granted $30,000 bond after being charged with criminal mischief.

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