Real Madrid is again in war against Barcelona Transfer; trying to repeat history.

FC Barcelona wants to sign Authur but Real Madrid is making a long term project for the Catalon club.
Arthur has been compared to Barca legend - Xari and is reported to be a perfect match for the Spanish giants.

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SPORT reported that Authur has agreeed to sign for Barcelona earlier this year except for Real Madrid stumping into the transfer saga evidently to disrupt their plans; exactly what they did in the signing of Phillipe Coutinho.

Real knows they cant sign Arthur since his heart is set on a move to Nou Camp but regardless of that, they have trippled up the player's asking price and hanging more expenses on Bracelona. Frustration is the only reason that could explain thier intentions as they are searching for replacement for Neymar who left for PSG.

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Robert Fernandez, Barca's Sport director has shown his willingness to get Arthur by jetting to Brazil to watch him in action. It is claimed that Gremio has inserted €50m (£44m) into his contract which the Spanish side will activate when the player fires them a green light. He doesn't want to leave in bad blood and will only depart when he's on good terms with the club he's been at since he was 14.

On the other hand, Madrid won't end 2017 empty handed from their scouting in  Brazil.

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