Young Boys Find Human Head on Their Way to School...See Shocking Details

In what will come across as a really shocking development, some young boys have stumbled on a human head on their way to school.
File photo: South African police officers
The bodies of an 89-year-old woman and her daughter, 47, were found when two pupils stumbled upon a decapitated head on their way to school in Sigodlweni on Thursday morning.
According to Daily Sun SA, the was revealed by the Eastern Cape police yesterday.
When the pupils, both aged 12, found the head on a gravel footpath, they informed community members who went on a search for the body of the victim, Eastern Cape police spokesperson Nozuku Handile told News24. Handile said the head was heavily scarred and unrecognisable.
The victim’s body was found outside of a nearby home and the 89-year-old dead inside.
Community members informed police who established that the victim was the daughter of the 89-year-old.
The 89-year-old was heavily scarred and sustained major blood losses. The mother and the daughter stayed alone in the home, Handile said.
He said no arrests have been made. The motives behind the killings are unknown.

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