Women Find Men With Beards More Attractive - Study

Great news for facial hair cultivators! A new study from the University of Queensland has found that women might be hard-wired to find men with beards more attractive than their clean-shaven counterparts.

Frankly, it’s good to finally have concrete evidence back from the lab that backs up our long-held hypothesis that having a beard makes you look great.

The study had initially thought that women might actually find beards less attractive.

Primarily because experts suggested beards are riddled with bacteria, are a cause of skin infections
and are better at passing on germs than an unventilated room full of coughing toddlers. But no. Science prevailed. Beards are officially, factually hot.

The researchers even tried to put women off fancying bearded blokes, using pictures of men with infections and open wounds, and the subjects STILL found the bearded men more attractive than their baby-smooth brethren.

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