Revealed-much Instagram influencers really make with just one picture

Top brands are paying Instagram influencers hundreds to thousands of dollars for a single picture.
These paychecks are directly related to the most important number in an influencer's Instagram profile - the amount of followers.
An influencer needs at least 3,000 followers to start bringing home the bacon, TRIBE creator Georgie Cavanagh told Husskie. 

TRIBE helps connects more than 20,000 influencers with brands, and has generated 150,000 pieces of content in just two years.

Georgie broke down the cash these influencers can rake in depending on their follower count, revealing that those with at least 100,000 fans make $500 or more.

The price drops to $350 to $500 for influencers with 50,000 to 100,000 followers, and ranges from $220 to 350 for those with 25,000 to 50,000 fans, according to Georgie.

Meanwhile, an influencer with 10,000 to 25,000 followers likely makes $150 to $220 per post, while one with 3,000 to 10,000 fans can expect around $75 to $150.

Although it may seem more logical to focus more money on an influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers, Georgie revealed that many brands actually like to focus on paying dozens of influencers with a more intimate fan base.

'The small the tribe the more potent in the influence, which creates more conversions for the brand,' she said.
'Rather than paying one ambassador $5,000 for one post to reach 500K followers, they can now pay 20-30 influencers for the same price thanks to technology.'
'This means brands can be part of more conversations, increasing their noise and excitement.' 
Georgie said that it feels more genuine when these people share products, rather than a celebrity shilling makeup or car insurance on the telly.
'You are more likely to see them walking down the street or in the aisles of your supermarket, unlike a celebrity,' she added. 
With the potential for big paychecks, it should come as no surprise that more and more people are aspiring to make Instagram their occupation

Culled from Daily Mail

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