I Dot think Coleen Should Forgive Wayne Rooney - Woma Who Kissed The Footballer Says

The woman i the middle of Wayne Rooney troubled marriage has revealed she does not think his wife Coleen should forgive him.

Laura Simpson while speaking with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, who challenged her over why she got into a car with the married star insisted she did nothing wrong and hadn't try to snare the player, whose wife is pregnant with their fourth child.

On if Coleen should forgive Wayne she said:
 'I don't think he deserves, it's my opinion I wouldn't do that to my partner.'
Holly Willoughby challenged her over her actions, saying: 'As a female, you know, sisterhood, I wouldn't get into a car with a married man'.

Simpsson  simply responded saying she was 'a couple of drinks down' and told host Phillip Schofield: 'I wouldn't be over the newspapers if I got into a car with you.'

But Phillip replied: 'You bloody would. My wife would be all over you.'

Continuing Simpson said:

'I obviously knew who he was. We ended up in the same area [in the nightclub].

'I don't know who's writing all of this. I've been out with footballers, yeah. It's not something I do.

'We fell into talking to each other. I'm not just attracted to footballers.'

Describing the night, she said: 'Basically, we just got a cab. It was a bit of a whirlwind really. There was no conversation. We just ended up in my car after getting out of the cab.'

'If it was just a general person I don't think it would be portrayed as this. If it was anyone else it wouldn't be an issue.'

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