I Did Not Convert To Muslim Because Of A Man, Says Actress Liz Anjorin (IKORODUDAILYNEWS)

Yoruba actress Liz Anjorin has said that she didn’t convert to Islam because of any man. Ikorodudailynews earlier reported that the Actress converted to muslim for a reason better known to her, some source said it was because of a man but  now she has come to prove them wrong. The single mother of one reiterated that if truly she converted to Islam because of a man she should have been married by now.
She further stated that she went on Hajj in 2013 for the first time. Clarifying that she did not adopt Islam because of a man, the actress said: “If I changed to Islam because of a man, why am I still single? People just like to say all sorts, but I’m not bothered anyway. This is my second time of going to Mecca after my conversion; I went first in 2013. My name remains Liz Anjorin, but I adopted the Muslim name, Aishat, and that’s all. My father was a Christian, while my mother was a Muslim. I only decided to follow my mother’s path.” She also reveals how Islam has affected her positively.
The actress also stated that her new religion has caused her to change her mode of dressing. “I’m a private person and people don’t know much about me. If you check my Instagram page, you would see that my mode of dressing has changed. But as a celebrity and entertainer, I can wear anything to showcase my talent, which is work-related. I don’t need to write it on my forehead that I’m a Muslim.” Ikorodudailynews gathered that in an Instagram post shared on Sunday, September 17, 2017, days after she returned from her second holy pilgrimage, Liz compares Islam as being practiced in Nigeria and in the holy land. She wrote:
“I realized the pple that Islam came from their place don't kill or hate, their women are the most beautiful in the world and their men are the cutest. Their women/ladies are very hard working; cos they own some gold/diamond shops, their Government are so kind that they make them most comfortable pple in the world, they wear the most expensive designers in the world and when it comes to most expensive drinks in the world or perfumes you can only get it in muslim country, they owned most biggest/tallest and expensive hotel in the world; they make sure they give the young women to men at the appropriate time. I watched some movie in my hotel room in Hajj and I saw how their actors and actresses interprets their given role perfectly, infact; Beyonce will learn from their dancers, they cracks jokes and they sings well. With the little study I did, life is 95% okay with them cos they are very secretive, they take good care of their wives , they were well organized and well cultured cos you can't see any of them eye to eye except someone of high-ranking take you to them. So why is it that the pple they brought Islam to, is now turning it upside down?? I was in Hajj in 2013 and my instinct changed patapata, I realized; Islam is far from how some pple portrayed it, I realized; Prophet Muhammad( s.a.w) really tried in telling pple not to fight, not to kill and not to hate. You will see someone that hasn't leave his/her village telling pple that've gone to Hajj how to dress and not to work or pursue their career again cos they go to Hajj; go to Hajj and see how beautiful life is, no carry your poverty brain with fairly used stolen phone come type trash on my page. You call yourself a Muslim and you still dey follow masquerade, you dey put mouth for things that doesn't concern you, as some country they kill theirself finish you see Saudi pple chuk mouth?? NO, Cos they knew that is not God's will.... yalllaaa in Saudi voice, carry your poverty brain comot for my area awon oniranu gbogbo, e ma foruko anobi siise kise, e ma foruko anobi rojowewe 3× anobi ta o ri ta n jeran e.. e ma foruko anobi rojowewe‎”
Ikorodudailynews earlier reported that Anjorin claimed she has no sugar daddy in a corner footing her bills or sponsoring her acting career. She claimed she worked her way to success.

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