Did Regina Daniel’s mother Rita encourage ladies to have s*x in exchange for movie roles?

According to a trending online report, spear-headed by a gossip site, Gistreel, it alleges that Rita Daniel, mother of teen actress, Regina Daniels literally gave a go ahead for actresses to go down with ‘Movie Directors’ in exchange for movie roles.

In her words;
“When you talk about going to Bed for role, it has to do with an individual. There’s nowhere that it does not exist. In the entertainment industry, people do a lot of funny things to get what they want.

I believe it is an individual thing. If you feel giving your body is what will take you up there, fine, go ahead.

But know that whatever takes you up there that is not God’s will, will certainly crash. Definitely, when you are up there with God’s help, nobody will pull you down.

Anything you get from an illicit affair does not end well.

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