Barbaric! Man Allegedly Forced to Drink ‘Corpse Water’ to Prove He Didn’t Kill the Brother (Photo)

A man has been forced to prove he has no hands in his brother’s death in a traditional way by drinking water used in washing his corpse.
The man drinking his brother’s corpse water to prove that he has no hand in his death
A Nigerian man accused of having a hand in the death of his brother has reportedly been compelled to drink water used in washing his dead brother’s corpse to prove he is innocent.
According to Sapele Oghenek News, the barbaric act happened last week. It was gathered that the dead man identified as Mechuko died in mysterious circumstance which made community members suspect that the brother might have a hand in his death.
In order to prove that the brother had no hand in the brother’s death, community members compelled the brother of the dead man to drink water used in washing the corpse as required by tradition.
It is expected that the man will die after drinking the water if actually he had a hand in the brother’s death. But, if nothing happens to him, it is assumed that he is innocent.

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