What TeeBillz finally reveals about his issues with Tiwa Savage and Suicidal thoughts (Full Videos)

The saga with Tiwa Savage and her husband was the talk of the town a few months ago. While it seems like the most of it has passed and that there is finally peace in the world, we can’t help but re-assess some of the issues.
Teebillz tiwa savage
Even though the duo undeniably had their parts to play in the eventual damage that rocked social media, TeeBillz’s issues were undoubtedly off the charts.
From drug allegations, money problems, negligence of their only son, accusing his wife of being a witch, and his eventual suicide attempt; TeeBillz undoubtedly has a lot of explanation to give.
Well, if you have been waiting for one, it would interest you to know that he has come out to clear the air and talk about his numerous issues and how every one of them contributed to his unnecessary outbursts and suicidal attempt. In an exclusive interview with Linda Ikeji Tv, TeeBillz, Psychologist, Dr. Osaz, and Life Coach Lanre Olusola discuss about the issues surrounding the menace of depression and how suicidal thoughts can lead to actual suicide.
In it, TeeBillz admits that he had a few problems that contributed to his eventual breakdown. In this three-part interview with Linda Ikeji Tv, he spoke about some of the signs and symptoms through which depression can be identified, how to battle suicidal thoughts.
tiwas savage teebillz
“I was that guy that growing up, I couldn’t eat three square meals per day. It’s lack of fulfilment because I pushed myself too hard”
“…I was trying to use things to get away from my head. At some point in my life, I depended on alcohol to get through”
He also explained about the dangers of depression and mental issues if they go unattended to. “The most important thing is reaching out for help. Crying out and reaching out. After that you go through the process as every case is different.
As a result of the issue, in one of the videos, TeeBillz revealed that he would be starting up his very own foundation to help people with mental health issues, empower youths, and even create more awareness with these issues in the country. The foundation which is known as to Mr Billz Foundation’, is expected to kick off shortly.
TeeBillz also cleared the air about his marriage to Tiwa Savage, saying that no divorce papers were signed and that he would maintain his new found positivity henceforth.
“All I’m doing is working on myself, being a better person and with a positive mind, everything you desire will come to you”
We can only hope that his new found peace, good health and positivity would last long and he would be able to get back on his feet in good time to go back to the TeeBillz we used to believe in and the one we trusted to take care of our dear Tiwa Savage.
Here are the three videos as posted by Lind Ikeji Tv for your viewing pleasure.

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