UPDATE: A defense attorney has been appointed for Dammy Krane in Miami on a 9-count charge

Since news of the Dammy Krane's arrest in Miami hit the internet last night, We has been investigating and so far we can confirm that the singer is still in police custody.

We put a call through to Tap Jets in Miami and they confirmed the story. They however refused to speak further with us saying they have an exclusive deal with another Nigerian site and as such they are only at liberty to speak with US based media houses.

Our investigations also revealed that a defense attorney named Deborah Prager has been appointed to
represent Dammy Krane who is now facing a 9-count charge including fraud and grand theft.

LIB reached out to the office of Deborah Prager in Miami Dade and we were asked to check back on Monday for details. Our findings also reveal that Under the prevalent Florida law, Grand Theft is any intentional and unlawful taking of property valued at $300.00 or more.

Grand theft is a felony offense, with penalties that may include prison, probation, fines, restitution, and a permanent criminal record.

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