Toyin Abraham opens up about her battle with depression, use of drugs, previous marriage and moving on

Toyin Abraham, formerly Aimakhu, opened up about a few secrets in her life in a new interview with Broadway TV. The actress spoke about her fight with depression in 2016, use of drugs and codeine (which she has since stopped), the breakdown of her marriage to Adeniyi Johnson and moving on from the negativity in life. 
On the negative sides of her life she was tired of, Toyin replied;

"I didn't plan for a broken home, I didn't plan for a broken marriage. But when it came, there were so many negativities and I was emotionally carried away. I didn't heal before jumping into another
relationship. I thought I was going to be healed through another relationship and I realized I truly don't love myself and I want people around to love me. Then I think I wasn't focusing on the things that really matter, but on the things that don't matter. I chose people before me. I didn't love myself enough. I was losing touch with things that use to work for me because I was involved in negative habits; like drugs, smoking, codeine..all those things were empowering my negative energy. Sometimes even when I do something very good and positive, it would just end being negative. So I had to stop."

On what changed Toyin said; " I realized I deserved more. I focused more on bigger pictures. I decided to change my team, few people around me and my negative habits. I stopped doing a lot of bad things that brings out the negative energy in me."

On whether she sought professional help and what changed her as of late; She replied "Of course, I sought for help. I changed some people and friends around me. I had to stop my negative habits. I worked on the negativity around me. I tried to be positive and I had to deal with depression and drugs."

On whether her battle is over, Toyin replied; 
"Yes, the battle is 100% over. but like life itself, we need to always discipline ourselves so we Would be a better person. I have left my past behind and I'm looking forward to the future. That's why IO agreed to change my name. Initially my family wanted everyone to change their name but I said no, because of my brand (Laughs).. And God showed himself to me. So I changed my name to Abraham. I owe it to God Almighty for giving me another chance and to my fans for always supporting me"

When asked to disclose the name of the person who introduced her to drugs, she said;

"My friend, but truthfully she's actually changed too. I was able to change her. I needed it that time because I felt the rouble was too much last year. It started and stopped last year  It was too much for me. I was not in control of my life anymore. It was a bad experience, terrible one."

On whose fault is it that her marriage is over, Toyin replied;

"I'm not going to blame anybody because it takes two to tangle. I have my fault and he has his own fault. I think we both brought our negativity into the marriage and it just didn't work. But I'm going to get married and have kids."

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