Toolz covers Vanguard Allure Magazine, opens up about initially feeling like the odd one out in the entertainment industry

Radio Presenter/TV Host, Tolu Oniru-Demuren aka Toolz is the cover girl for the latest issue of Vanguard Allure. She spoke about being scared at the realization of being a role model and how she felt like the odd one out when she started out in the entertainment industry, due to her curvy body. Read excerpts from the interview below...

As a curvy woman first and also a woman in the entertainment world, are you regularly reminded of your ‘physicality’ especially with regards to television work?
Toolz: Absolutely! When I started in this industry, I felt like the odd one out because I looked different. Photo shoots were particularly difficult as I was often told by the stylists that ‘pulling’ clothes for me would be tricky.
Many young women look up to you as an icon for your size, your style, career trajectory and, most recently, your new phase as wife and mom-to-be. How does it all make you feel and how do you find yourself responding?
Toolz: If I’m going to be completely honest, I get quite scared when I think about being looked up to. I’d always thought that being in that position meant you had to be near perfect and here I am with lots and lots of flaws! When I get positive messages from young women, I get very bashful but it has to be the best part of my job. Asides from being a successful media personality, my main aim was and is to make a difference in society. If me being me has impacted someone positively, I’m truly thankful to God.

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