Suspected Badoo member caught, lynched, and burnt in Ikorodu

A suspected member of the notorious Badoo gang was caught and lynched around Olomomeje Mosque in Aga, (Oni Ogunsanya Street) Ikorodu. The suspect was caught this morning then taken to the Onyabo office where he was interrogated by Onyabo - a vigilante group in Ikorodu - at their office.

According to the story shared by Ikorodu Ambassadors Group on Facebook, the angry mob insisted on serving justice themselves and prevented the authorities from taking the suspect away. This led to warning shots being fired to disperse the crowd but bullets ended up hitting two people from the crowd. The mob eventually had their way and beat the suspect until he died, then they burnt his remains.
See the account of the story as told by Ikorodu Ambassadors Group.

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