So SAD!! Read Heartbreaking Letter From Captain Maxwell Mahama That Was Killed Unjustly By Heartless Villagers For No Reason {With Photos}

While going through his heartfelt message to his mum, young family and those that killed him…kindly pay your last respect to him by typing RIP in the comment box below…
Tell my mum that the people I was sent to protect were the people that took my life
Tell my mum that I didn’t kill anyone even though I was with Gun
Tell my mum that I love them still
Also tell my mum that I have forgiven them all.
Greet my sweet wife and kids for me….tell them that am done with my work..tell my kids that Dad still love them and never to lose hope. I LOVE YOU Reading this breaks my heart tho he wasn’t from Nigeria but his life was taken away by the same people he was fighting to protect…what a life 😰 😢
RIP a GREAT HERO, A GREAT LEGEND, A GREAT CAPTAIN…only God knows why it all ended this way 😰 😢
Can he get your RIP….
NB: don’t associate urself in #jungle_Justice no matter the #crime 😢

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