Read this Whatsapp conversation between two sisters after one of them bleached her skin because of a guy

Read Below a whatsapp conversation between two sisters. Apparently, one of the sisters went to the extent of bleaching her skin, enlarging her breasts and buying fake followers on Instagram just because of a guy. Read Below:
“You’re bleaching your skin for a guy…mommy is dark skinned and daddy loves her…You bought 80k followers and having 500 views…Be real stop taking breast enlargement pills…you’re not even 21 yet
She wrote to Joro:
Joro my sister is 20 years old in a private university. She’s a very smart girl and loving. I don’t know what happened to her she started bleaching her skin and taking breast enhancement pills because of a guy. This guy is into media and artist management. I think he works with radio or so. I don’t know what else to do, she doesn’t listen to me. She’s so rude these days. Every since she lost her virginity, she believe she’s all grown up. Her mentor is Toke Makinwa and the likes. She’s willing to do anything to please this guy and live a fake life. She bought followers on Instagram, I see her with expensive things out parents can’t afford. I don’t want her to spoil. she’s not 21 yet. If I tell my father he will make things worse and beat her up or shave her head. Please advise me. I’m tired! I don’t want my sister to end up with ritualist or worse. Help.
Read the Whatsapp conversation she had with her sister below:

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