“Please Help, My husband calls my mother’s name during love making” — Full Story!

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Here is the story our reader wants to share with us and get your opinions:
“I am upset and do not know what to do; I feel like my world is starting to crumble. I got married three years ago and things were going on smoothly until three months ago. My husband is an expatriate who is hardly in the country.
We find ways to connect with each other despite our busy lives. The last time my husband came home, I noticed a change in him. He was excited for some unknown reasons; he had a weird way of responding to my presence in the room. I found all these things strange even though i decided to let things slide since we did not have any argument.
I altered the pattern of visit three months ago because of the economy; we felt it was better for him to come visit since we were handling some projects. I was practically h0rny and could not wait for him to settle down properly before I started touching him. He threw me off and said he was tired. I knew I was being selfish considering the hours he spent in the plane.
When we finally had time for ourselves, something strange happened. He was disconnected most of the time and i had to talk to bring him back to my body. When he released, he moaned a name in my ears repeatedly.
It took me a while before I got to know it was my mother’s name he was calling. Why in God’s name will my husband call out my mother’s name when we are making love? I had a special pet name for her so it could not have been someone’s name.
I did not have the courage to ask him about it; it must have been my ears picking the wrong sound. But the same thing happened when we made love the next day. He closed his eyes as he called her name. I got worried at this point and reacted; he added my name to it and made it look like he was praising me.
Coincidentally, my mother visited us some days after and I watched both of them closely. He had always been free with her but every movement had meaning to me.
She kept referring to the last time she travelled out of the country; I had sent some things to him and he had sent her back to me. But only God knows what happened while they were alone.
I caught my husband looking funnily at my mum. I am afraid to confront him because I cannot bring myself to ask him what happened between him and her.
I am a Yoruba lady and the thought of my mother and my husband being together is driving me crazy. As much as I do not want people to know about this, it is serious. My husband calls my mother’s name during love making. Please what do I do?”
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