Men Refused To Marry Her: See 38-Year-Old Lady TB Joshua 'Delivered' From Bedwetting (PHOTOS)


For Miss Auguste Da Costa, a senior interpreter in the Namibia Court, life was a terrible contradiction. On the one hand, a committed professional while on the other hand suffering from bedwetting and a consuming addiction to alcohol.

The curse of bedwetting which started from birth robbed her of marriage and a social life and disgraced her right through her life from when she was a student. Her classmates that witnessed her
bedwet in the school hostel would spread the rumour that she was a bedwetter and before long, everyone around her knew. It was a stigma that followed her everywhere she went.
To drown her embarrassment and pain, she started drinking alcohol at the age of 15. She soon became addicted to this vice and spent all her money on feeding her addiction. She would go to the bar to drink alcohol even while food was still cooking on the stove.

When she was about to lose hope of ever overcoming these afflictions, she stumbled upon Emmanuel TV and decided that The SCOAN would be her final bus-stop. The words of T.B. Joshua rang in her heart when he said, “God can turn a drunkard into a sober person. When you make a mistake, don’t run from God – run to Him.”
Desperate to receive her freedom, she received the Morning Water and ministered it in Jesus’ name. The curse of bedwetting that had plagued her for 38 years disappeared as she discovered that from that very night onwards, something will wake her up each time she needs to go to the toilet in the night. Overjoyed at this deliverance, she testified that four years has passed and she has not wet the bed ever since.

The alcohol addiction was equally banished from her life through the Morning Water as the desire to drink the alcohol completely disappeared. Her double deliverance was followed by a double breakthrough as she was sponsored her government to study a course in Germany and she passed with flying colours. Forever grateful to God, she advised the viewers to always put God first in their lives.

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