How 2 Final Year Students Landed In Serious Trouble For Wearing Revealing Clothes For Dinner (Photos)

According to report,two final year students of the Makerere University in Uganda have landed in serious trouble after wearing very revealing clothes to a university function which the school authority considered “indecent”
Their obviously tattered dresses have been making the rounds on social media since the weekend when the students garbed themselves for their Finalist Education Dinner. .
The two have been summoned to appear before the disciplinary committee. In a letter dated Tuesday May 30, 2017, the Makerere University authorities had expressed dismay over the students’ conduct.
The letter, as published by Ugandan Mirror online reads:
“If it is true that that person was you, your action, as a student of this university, would have contravened University Regulation 8 (2)(a) which states that,
‘Every student shall respect him/herself and behave in a manner that will not bring his/her name and that of the university into disrepute;’ and Regulation 8 (2) (d) which states that, ‘Every student shall dress in a neat and decent manner.”
The letter was addressed to one of the students who is said to have appeared in the pictures, Ms Rebecca Naddamba. the students have until Friday, June 2, 2017 to submit their replies to the university.

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