Devastated Irish Woman Destroys Shop After Nigerian Husband Dumped Her (Pics, Video)

An Irish woman devastated because her Nigerian husband, only known as Jude, allegedly used her for papers, maltreated her and took her daughter away from her recently unleashed terror on a Nigerian shop in Dublin.

The obviously heartbroken woman had stormed the shop owned by a Nigerian woman named Cynthia and destroyed the whole place because Jude visits it regularly for shopping.

She is the custodian of her autistic son who is pictured with her in the clip while her daughter was
with her Nigerian husband.

It is alleged that the she met Jude, an immigrant from Nigeria years back. When they both met and tied-up a relationship, she wasted no time and within a year, she fell pregnant fairly quickly and thought everything was going to be rooster and curry.

The day after her childbirth in the hospital, her boyfriend reportedly marched her straight from the hospital unit to the Birth Certificate Registry office to quickly insert his name on the Birth Certificate as by then his visa to remain in Ireland had only few days to expire.

By doing so, it would enable him to extend his rights to remain as a parent to an Irish-born child or married to an EU spouse.

In this recent video of ‘no-shame’ by the lady, she eventually snapped because she had had enough. From the clip, it is evident that she doesn’t look stable.

Some other reports add she stormed that shop because she strongly believed that the owner and proprietress of the shop assisted her partner in abating and conniving by hiding her daughter away from her.

Before the arrival of the police (Garda), the Irish woman pulled down a couple of standing shelves and some of the goods lay scattered on the floor.

The Garda must have also noticed that she is indeed a troubled mother that needs some form of assistance because she was unstable and unable to explain herself throughout her questioning.

Reports say the owners of the shop declined pressing any charges for the damage caused to parts of the shop building and goods.

Watch the clip of the video below…


Watch the video below:


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