Akwa Ibom Community To Immortalise 90-Year-Old Virgin

What a fulfilled life. Ikot Udobia village in the Etinan Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State  is to immortalise a 90-year old virgin, Miss Agnes Udofia.

A Punch correspondent learnt that virgin Udofia lives her life caring for the children of other people.

It was observed that over 50 men, women and children gathered around her on Monday to give thanks to God for preserving the life of a woman they all thought was their biological mother.

A businessman, Mr. Fabian Udoh, who was trained by Udofia, stated that he was happy to be in the
village to honour Udofia.

He said since he was a kid, he never saw Udofia with any man to cultivate a relationship. He noted that Udofia raised the children of other people.

“She has touched the lives of over 50 children. I have always known her not to have any relationship with any man.

“We are proposing a foundation to immortalise her. We all came home today to celebrate her now that she is alive. It will make no meaning celebrating her after death. She gave most of us life and we must celebrate her  when she is alive,” he said.

Apart from  a thanksgiving service and lavish reception organised by people who grew up in Udofia’s care, St. Pius Catholic Church, Ikot Udobia, also organised another  thanksgiving programme for her.

Punch correspondent asked Udofia about her husband, but she replied that she never knew any man in her entire life. She said she had never been married, and had  no boyfriend when she was young.

She said, “I was born partially blind and so, no man saw anything good in me. So, I grew up without a man. I have never slept with any man as far as my memory can carry me, not even in my dream.”

Udofia told our correspondent that her belief is that she was created by God to live and die without a husband, child and anything to call her own.

She explained that she saw things in and around her as normal, adding that she did not hate men and believed that men hate her.

She said, “I live my life the way you see me. No feeling for a man. I don’t see it as abnormal.”

Udofia, who said she enjoyed taking care of little children, added that she did not have a business of her own.

As for the children she trained, she explained that their mothers often dropped them with her when they were going to farms, markets or stream.

 “I would take care of them until they returned to take their children. I feed them and keep them happy as long as they stay with me,” she added.

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