After 37 Years In Power, 93-Year Old Mugabe Will Contest AGAIN

Wehdone sir, this is before most of us were born o. Ha! Well, Zimbabweans are cool with it. God bless their country.  93-year-old President Robert Mugabe has begun a series of rallies across the country in a bid to win the support of young people ahead of elections next year, BBC reports.

A huge crowd gathered for today's rally in a stadium at Marondera, a small town east of the capital, Harare.

Reports also state that the president is planning nine other similar rallies this year. Mr Mugabe has
been in power since 1980 and is due to run again in 2018.

At the rally, he told those who are vying to succeed him to "be at peace". He added: "The time will come, it's certainly coming".

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