Philippine Leader Slams Chelsea Clinton Over Rape Criticism

It actually hurt him, lol. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte denounced the daughter of former US President Bill Clinton on Wednesday after she criticised a comment he made about rapes committed by soldiers.

In an expletive-laden speech at a navy event, Mr Duterte asked Chelsea Clinton if she also criticized her father when he had an affair with Monica Lewinsky in the White House when he was president of
the United States.

He said he was being sarcastic when he told troops last week that he would take responsibility for any crimes they commit while implementing martial law that he declared in the southern third of the country, even if they rape three women.

Chelsea Clinton, responding last week to a tweet about Mr Duterte's rape comment, tweeted: "Not funny. Ever.''

Oh well, she only used three letter words, why use uncountable sir? Looooool.

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